Walk Training

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LifeSteward Ministries on-site Walk Training coupled with on-going coaching will help you implement the best practices and develop partners for the on-going work of your ministry. This annual event is crucial for your ministry to engage the church while providing a fun family event without making it a carnival.

Our on-site training will facilitate ownership and inspire your team to understand what makes a successful event and be motivated to make it happen year after year. Our turn-key training and coaching is about moving your team to own the event and implement the proven strategies from Church Champions to the use of social media.

Our 28-year proven Walk best practices from rural to metropolitan cities will provide:

  • On-site 8-hour WalkTraining for your entire teamwith manuals and workbooks
  • Planning realistic goals and engaging your team by providing coaching throughout implementation
  • Ministry Sync’s FundEasy platform for peer-to-peer fundraising and event management (for first-time users).
  • A repeatable, sustainable model that will grow your event and church partnerships year after year
  • A 10% discount on Keener Marketing print materials for your event