Strategic Planning

Develop a Plan That is Spiritually Strategic
to Advance the Kingdom

Create a one year plan to achieve outcomes through strategic
initiatives and a time-line in a 1 or 1 1/2 day consultation
on-site and 1 follow up session.

You can gain an approach to planning that incorporates
worship, prayer and reflective listening.


Effective strategy comes from positioning ourselves to listen and respond to the Father’s voice. We model and facilitate leading out of His presence with a balance of “Spirit & Truth”.


Consulting & Coaching Components

• Establishing mission, purpose & core values

• Change weaknesses to opportunities

• Exploring and formulating the ministry’s vision

• Discerning together God’s intentions for the ministry

• Developing a written one-year plan of strategic initiatives and timelines

• Incorporating spiritual depth and guidance for the process

• Coaching you through to success

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