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LifeSteward Ministries President, Vicky Botsford Mathews is a sought-after Fund Raising Banquet and conference speaker as well as providing the facilitation of ministry retreats and encounters for ministry staff and women’s groups.


Represented by Ambassador Speakers, Vicky expresses her passion to envision audiences for the cause of LIFE with 30 years of experience nationally and on the front line of progressing the work of pregnancy centers across the U.S.  She has provided ministry to over 500 pregnancy centers in the U.S. and abroad and understands what it takes to ignite an audience. Vicky shares her own story of heart break and redemption as well as captivating stories of lives changed by pregnancy centers. She is passionate about the broken places in life, the journey of walking in healing and wholeness and fulfilling the destiny of her purpose while calling others to do the same.


An experiential encounter for leaders of ministries or women’s groups to embrace how to BE and not DO. Vicky facilitates a time of teaching on Presence-Based Leadership, listening prayer, and the role of worship in our leadership. An experiential encounter that is far more than a retreat but a time of rest and reflection in His presence through speaking sessions, worship and a time of response.


Vicky has extensive experience teaching conference workshops on a variety of subjects in fund raising, leadership, Vicky has extensive experience teaching conference workshops on a variety of subjects in fund raising, leadership, development and spiritual renewal.

What Others Have Said:

“Amazed at how the spirit was working. This took me out of my comfort zone a little which was good! Every leader needs this! Thanks for bringing your heart.”

“We will win this battle on our knees. Thank you for your obedience as you have been an instrument through which God has touched me deeply and answered a cry of my heart.”

“What a gift! A day of cleansing, rest and care. God’s presence surrounded me and I better understand my value and worth in Him, the one who knows me by name.”

“Vicky worked well with our team and knows how to make a great appeal. I highly recommend her as a speaker for a fund-raising banquet.”

“She speaks with energy and conviction and her years of experience in the life movement make her a credible source of inspiration, knowledge and passion for a Banquet.”